Taking responsibility for our precious oceans.

We make safe, sustainable seafood choices and always avoid pollution whevenver possible. Limiting our carbon footprint is always a priority.

Our oceans provide life to the world, we all have a duty to protect them, in particular those lucky enough to be involved in yachting need to work on improving the impact of time spent on the water. Green Chilli superyacht provisions supplier is committed to making the preservation of our planet’s water a priority.

We are dedicated to research; learning and educating our team about the latest products and solutions available.

We actively support onboard water filtration systems as an alternative to packaged water for drinking and general use onboard. This is the cleanest and most damage-limiting way to provide crew and guests with clean, fresh water and minimises the need for plastic bottles on board; saving time, money and storage space.

We encourage superyacht crew and owners to also do their bit for the environment by making the choice to cut out plastic bottles and products, we encourage water brands that use glass or recycled bottles as well as supplying refillable personal water bottles.

We supply non-toxic cleaning products and eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced interior products and can help to guide crew with their purchasing choices. Green Chilli use Ecover products to clean and maintain our warehouse and offices.

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

Jacques Cousteau

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