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Leaders in organic and sustainable global provisions.

Our provisioning team source suppliers that guarantee genuinely certified organic produce that supports sustainability.

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Featuring 500+ fresh and pantry products, delivered by freight to land or shore worldwide.
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Featuring 500+ fresh and pantry products, delivered by road to Mediterranean regions.
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Green Chilli deliver organic fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat and farmed fish as well as organic groceries and drinks including juices, alcohol and wines. Organic and sustainable farming and packaging is fundamental to the conservation of our planet. We advise, encourage and support clients to buy organic and sustainable, to use recyclable packaging and avoid single use plastic.

Our philosophy goes beyond buying organic, it is a determined commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

A full list of seasonal fish is available upon request. You can also ask us about sustainably caught, traceable, wild fish, please contact us.

Green Chilli are supporters of sustainable fishing which takes place according to the season. MSC certification recognises and rewards sustainable fishing practices.

Trapping methods must not damage nature and fish species are not over-fished. Fishing on endangered fish populations is prohibited and fishermen have quotas. There must be no animal welfare issues, and as such the length of time between catch and slaughter must be minimal as well as the kindest slaughter technique.

The entire process of MSC certified products must be traceable from fishing to the finished product. Companies in the chain (trade, processing, sellers, brands) can have their operation certified with this standard. We assure our customers that MSC certified Fish are not mixed with non-MSC certified fish.

Organically certified fish are always farmed as wild fishing cannot be certified. Closed recirculation systems are prohibited as there is no natural water flow.

Our meat is sourced from local and international butcher partners who work traditionally and with passion. Our catalogue of meat includes beef, veal, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey, sausages, wagyu, kobe, halal, kosher products, delivered worldwide to superyachts and properties in optimal condition. All our meat can be flash frozen if required.

For all organic meat provisions, we work with butchers who ensure that our organic meat is treated with care, respect and passion; producing an excellent cut, by hand.

We only ever butcher to order so we only cut a product from its primal once it has been ordered by a customer. Our meat will therefore never sit in plastic packaging. Our freshly cut organic steaks, roasting joints, mince, sausages and more are all butchered, prepared and packed on the day we dispatch.

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