Meat & Game
Our butchers work traditionally and with passion.

Carefully selected cuts, sourced from our local and international butcher partners.

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Featuring 500+ fresh and pantry products, delivered by freight to land or shore worldwide.
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Featuring 500+ fresh and pantry products, delivered by road to Mediterranean regions.
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Beef, veal, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey, sausages (local sausages, homemade English and boerewors sausages), wagyu, kobe, halal, kosher... We deliver the very finest meat provisions for discerning chefs. No request is too complicated for the Green Chilli sourcing team, we love the opportunity to source hard-to-find items for special occasions and ensure that we can provide exciting ideas and seasonal delicacies.

We have curated a catalogue specifically for crew meals which includes all of the classic favourites. All our fresh meat can be flash-frozen if required.

You can rely on our wealth of experience and knowledge in meat and game provisioning to superyachts and properties globally to deliver only the tastiest cuts.

Knowing the source is fundamental to our guarantee of quality.

For lamb with a rich and very distinctive flavour alongside a delightfully juicy texture, please ask for ‘agneau de pré-salé’ which is raised in salt marsh meadows and is among our best-sellers. The sheep graze on grass with a high salinity and iodine content which makes it naturally so flavoursome that it only requires a little salt and pepper seasoning to bring out its magical taste and is considered a particularly prized delicacy. The short season means it is only available between early June and the end of summer. We will keep you informed when the time comes, please be sure to sign up to our mailing list, or stay in touch.

Aside from national food standards certificates, the other way to be sure that your meat is high quality and ethically raised is by knowing its source. This is where our great butchers are fundamental to your provisioning service as all the meat that Green Chilli delivers can be traced to source. When shopping yourself you can keep an eye out for labels and other signs of quality (in France ‘Label Rouge’ guarantees a basic level of quality including regulated food handling practices, ‘Bio’ is organic and ‘élevé en plein air’ for free range farming) but ultimately a skilled and passionate butcher and provisioner will be your best ally.

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