Continually assessing and improving our packaging materials.

We continuously monitor the market for the latest packaging solutions, using recycled materials and re-using package components whenever possible.

We pledge to avoid any form of packaging which is not biodegradable or re-usable whenever possible.

  • We supply as many of our superyacht and villa provisions as possible in plastic crates which will be returned to us to be used again

  • We use some cardboard boxes where crates are not viable, such as for yachts that are temporarily in port to collect provisions and have no space onboard for storage of crates

  • The cardboard packaging that we use is made from recycled materials whenever possible and we kindly request that our customers recycle also

  • We are working in close collaboration with several manufacturers of eco-friendly packaging which avoids the use of polystyrene for fresh meat and frozen goods

  • We invest our time and resources to research the world for the most latest and kindest products available on the market

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."

Robert Swan

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